Introducing Wattson Audio Madison Lounge Edition streamer DAC

Swiss-based Wattson Audio has released a limited-edition version of its Madison streamer DAC, marked "Lounge Edition.

One year after the release of Madison, Wattson Audio returns with a new, redesigned, and more advanced version of its streamer/DAC.

Wattson Audio, the Swiss company specializing in high-end audio products, announces the “Madison Lounge Edition.” This new streamer/DAC picks up on what made Madison successful by revisiting several aspects beloved by audiophiles.

For Alexandre Lavanchy, CEO of Wattson Audio: “Since its launch, the Madison has received an incredible reception from our community and the specialized press, above all for its simplicity, but also obviously for its musicality, often described as analog. We are very proud of that because that is exactly what we wanted to achieve with this product.”

He continues: “However, we realized there was room for improvement in several areas, such as the output stages, the choice of components, or the power supply. This new version of Madison is an evolution in the pursuit of perfection in audio reproduction, where we feel we can still achieve something without compromising the result.”


The Madison “Lounge Edition” retains the three digital networks, TOSLink, and coaxial inputs from the “Classic” model and the RCA, XLR, and headphone outputs. Thus, the main modifications of the Madison Lounge Edition are found inside the equipment and in the external power module.

Notable visual changes also distinguish this 2023 version. The case has a silky “White Sand” color contrasting sharply with the Madison “Classic.” The LED screen has been combined in an amber color. Anti-vibration feet have also been added, ensuring a more commanding presence of the device.


The Madison is the first device to be upgraded with the new “Lounge Edition” series. According to the Swiss manufacturer, other products could join this series.

Wattson Audio will present a preview and demo of the new model at the High-End Munich 2023 trade show from May 18-21.

The Madison Lounge Edition will be offered as an exclusive limited edition. The manufacturer announces the availability of the Madison Lounge Edition for the fourth quarter of 2023 for €4,890, including VAT.