Introducing Volumio by Integro – The Integrated Network Amplifier

Volumio Integro: The Integrated Network Amplifier with direct-digital dual mono Class-D amplifier technology, enclosed in a stylish compact design.

INTEGRO is a plug-and-play device, connect your speakers to it, and you will have a complete HiFi system to enjoy your music to the fullest.

No additional equipment is necessary; all the components come in a compact design, allowing you to place the Integro anywhere you want.

A look to see and feel

Every aspect of the Integro was carefully designed with input from Red Dot Award-winning Design Narratives.

In addition to its compact design, the electronics that give the Integro its musicality are encased in an antimagnetic aluminum chassis, with two orange knobs to control volume and input options, accompanied by an OLED display.

Your music sounds like it should

INTEGRO has one of the world’s best-sounding headphone amplifiers that you can use for your intimate listening, featuring a specially tuned dual mono Class D amplifier design powered by Infineon’s MA12070P.

No matter what source you play your music from, Integro brings wonderful details to life.

Superior listening sessions with Bluetooth

Streaming your music can be super convenient over Bluetooth, but now it can be high-quality, too, with Integro and Bluetooth aptX.

Since wireless streaming has come a long way, it’s now at a level that will satisfy even the most demanding enthusiasts thanks to Qualcomm® Bluetooth aptX.

A Roon Ready Streamer

Volumio Integro is certified Roon Ready by Roon Labs. This allows seamless integration with the Roon system and ensures using Roon transmission technology with Volumio Integro without compromising high audio performance.

All the connections you need

Integro has a single-ended analog input (RCA) and two digital SPDIFs, optical and coaxial. In terms of outputs, there’s a subwoofer output, and the HDMI output can be used to take advantage of Volumio’s OSD menu.

Volumio OS: the core of INTEGRO

On board the Integro is the latest version of Volumio, Volumio AI, which incorporates Supersearch, an AI-powered search feature meant to optimize your music discovery. Volumio OS has multi-room capability that creates an integrated environment with other Volumio stations in your home.

Enjoy music from your favorite sources

Integro lets you stream from favorite music services like Spotify, Tidal, and Qobuz. Volumio plugins allow you to connect to many additional services and functionalities, such as Youtube, Soundcloud, Radio Paradise, FusionDSP, and more.

Bring your content from local or network-connected drives and stream Internet radio, all thanks to Volumio OS.

Connect and control

Getting started with Integro only takes a few clicks with the official Volumio apps. From your smartphone and with just a few clicks, access and control all your administration and personalize your Integro device according to your preferences.

Easy to set up and control.