Introducing Sonus Faber Suprema

Sonus Faber Suprema speaker system announced. 40th-anniversary masterpiece, unmatched design, and a touch of luxury in every note.

“The Suprema speaker system is without a doubt the most ambitious project ever created by Sonus Faber and represents the apogee of the brand’s 40th anniversary, where exquisite details, luxurious materials, and meticulous craftsmanship elevate the work carried out far beyond the concept of a set of speakers, making it a testament to the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of audio excellence. The Suprema embodies the natural propensity of our company’s R&D team for innovative solutions. In recent years, this department has given birth to a series of structural and technological advances that have culminated in the development of the Suprema. This project not only represents the highest-performance product developed in the entire history of the firm but is also a critical milestone for its R&D team, acting as a test bed for the conception of a lasting legacy of technical solutions that will define the next generation of Sonus Faber.” This is what could be called a “declaration of intent” behind one of the culminating designs, as well as ambitious, signed by the respected Arcugnano manufacturer. Presented in society on January 9th within the framework of the CES event in Las Vegas, the set of Suprema loudspeakers is an absolutely “outside of parameters” realization that puts the finishing touch to the different events carried out to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the transalpine company.

Superlative in every aspect, but above all, refined and exquisite, the Suprema is a monumental 2.2 speaker configuration, meaning it consists of a full-range main speaker and a dedicated subwoofer. Per channel, all of which is managed by a sophisticated active frequency divider filter. This solution resulted from the brand’s engineering team’s desire to overcome conventional limits in frequency range coverage and take acoustic performance to new levels of excellence. In line with what can be expected from a project designed and built without compromise, the Suprema brings together a unique conglomerate of technology and the legacy of an exceptional company. This philosophy is immediately palpable in the visual aspect of the enclosures, as the iconic lute format used for the first time in the legendary Guarneri model (1993) is operated in the main boxes, having been opted for in the subwoofer radiators. by the elliptical geometry used in another legendary development, the Stradivari column (2004). The reasons behind this choice are explained in these terms: in the first case, the lute shape represents the best solution when it comes to ensuring the perfect disappearance of the speaker from the virtual sound scene, and in the second, the Elliptical geometry is appropriate to support large transducers and the corresponding impact in terms of energy. In terms of materials, the Suprema harmoniously combines solid aluminum (perfect static properties), wood (fabulous harmonic qualities), carbon fiber (exceptional strength and flexibility), and natural leather (touch sensitivity).

Entering the structure of each functional block, let us emphasize that each of the main boxes is materialized in a 4.5-way front configuration consisting of 4 woofers with a treated paper pulp cone and double air gap (to guarantee symmetry in the force of the magnetic motor and minimize distortion), 1 “mid-woofer” with treated paper cone, 1 Camelia midrange speaker, 1 “mid tweeter” and one super tweeter (both with silk dome). To this configuration, we must add a 2-way rear called SDA (“Sound Deep Adjustment”) to improve the sound scene and dispersion, allowing the user to adjust the treble and mid-levels, the first of them via Autoformer. Especially relevant is the grouping made up of the mid, mid-high, and super-high transducers, as it reflects the famous “The Voice of Sonus Faber” concept, adapted for the Suprema in a chamber made of recycled cork that can be tilted 4 degrees to achieve an optimal adaptation to any listening situation. The aforementioned Camelia stands out for the refinement of its engineering, designed to combine naturalness and resolution at the highest level and equipped with a non-circular diaphragm whose distributed wave propagation structure prevents the creation of resonances inherent to circular structures. To this, we must add the innovative dispersion modifier with an absorbing ring, which optimizes air movement in the transducer to reduce turbulence while guiding sound waves to reinforce their propagation towards the listening area. The Camelia is completed with a double magnetic drive scheme that maximizes dynamics and control, with the airflow that passes through it managed by an organic casing developed by the Arcugnano firm.

Finally, let us highlight that the main boxes of the Suprema incorporate an elaborate decoupling scheme with the floor of the room developed jointly with the renowned Canadian firm IsoAcoustics. For their part, the subwoofers of this absolutely “outside of parameters” version include 2 woofers with a treated carbon fiber cone, 380 mm in diameter, which allow frequencies of the order of 16 Hz to be reproduced without loss or distortion. The Management of such a complex creation has been the subject of maximum attention by the “fathers” of the Suprema, combining circuitry that reflects their most celebrated engineering solutions in the field (IFF technology, Paracross topology, Phase Coherent design) with electronics of the double monophonic and completely balanced structure located in an elegant independent enclosure, which is responsible for managing the integration between the “full range” and subwoofer blocks. The Suprema allows for extensive customization possibilities (including changing the internal wiring for one made of pure silver). At the same time, the manufacturer offers its buyer a custom installation (a 2.1 configuration can be opted for) with a specific calibration to optimize benefits in the context of your living room.

Technical characteristics

  • Loudspeaker system “out of parameters”.
  • Made up of two “full range” blocks and two subwoofers (configuration 2.2).
  • Optionally available in 2.1 configuration.
  • 4.5-way/8-speaker main blocks with 2-way rear system.
  • Airtight enclosure for main blocks and subwoofers.
  • The rear system treble level is adjustable via Autoformer.
  • Executed with materials and components of the highest quality.
  • Front frequency response of the main block: 45 -40,000 Hz.
  • The rear frequency response of the main block is 500 -20,000 Hz.
  • Subwoofer frequency response: 16-30/80 Hz (adjustable).
  • Main block sensitivity: 91 dB/W/m.
  • Subwoofer sensitivity: 92 dB/W/m.
  • Nominal impedance: 4 ohms for the main block and subwoofer.
  • Associated amplifier power for the main block: 100 -700 W.
  • Power of the associated amplifier for the subwoofer: 500 -2,000 W.
  • External electronic filter to integrate the main blocks and subwoofers.
  • 100% analog and balanced external electronic filter.
  • External electronic filter with 2 input channels and 8 output channels.
  • Frequency response of the external electronic filter: 5-150,000 Hz.
  • Dimensions of the main block: 650×1,905×880 mm (W x H x D).
  • Subwoofer block dimensions: 850×1,451×595 mm (W x H x D).
  • Extensive customization options.
  • Installation in the user room with dedicated calibration