Introducing QUAD Revela Series

The QUAD Revela Series is a striking new speaker series from QUAD – the originators of 'The Closest Approach To The Original Sound'.

The QUAD Reveal Series is an amazing new series of speakers from QUAD, the creators of “The Closest Approach to Original Sound.”

Revela continues the QUAD innovations introduced in recent years, learning from the award-winning S and Z series while maintaining its strong design heritage, dating back to 1949 and the first QUAD loudspeaker: the Corner Ribbon.

QUAD Revela brings modern design details with the now synonymous QUAD ‘True Ribbon™’ high-frequency driver.

QUAD’s Director of Acoustics, Peter Comeau, has expanded his innovative engineering work in developing a new high-frequency Ribbon that brings a new level of musical finesse, smoothness, and aural performance that helps make music sing. The True Ribbon HF will reveal beautiful details in your music collection with a truly impressive performance.


bookshelf speakers

The Revela 1 is a classic bookshelf/stand monitor fitted with a 6.5-inch woofer along with the Ribbon HF and is offered with an optional custom-designed stand with an equally striking design. The stand is finished to the same high-gloss paint standards as the speaker, providing the perfect mounting option and display solution for the series’ stand-mount offering.


floor standing speakers

A floorstanding loudspeaker incorporating two 6.5″ woofers and a 6″ midrange and its advanced Ribbon HF mounted on a rigid cast chassis. This combination offers rich, controlled bass output with excellent dynamic performance.