Introducing Neodio TMA Integrated Amplifier

Introducing Neodio TMA Integrated Amplifier For those who want the best and want it to last

Progress can have different faces. On the one hand, there is triumphant technology, with products becoming more complex and constantly being updated and replaced. On the other, there is a more rational form of consumption, which considers natural resources and sustainability.

The TMA Integrated Amplifier is the first electronic product in their Blue Program, offering products that are still very high-end but are more affordable and even more durable.

cto electrónico de su Blue Program, que ofrece productos que siguen siendo de muy alta gama, pero que son más asequibles e incluso más duraderos.

Every effort has been made to ensure the product has the longest possible shelf life when developing the TMA. It comes with a 10-year first-owner warranty and is designed to be easy to service and, if necessary, upgrade in the future. The TMA is a product designed to withstand the passage of time.

To achieve this, everything that could be simplified has been simplified. It has returned to the essence of what an amplifier should be: a machine faithful to music and capable of satisfying its owner for many years. It does not have a remote control or screen. Just a switch, a source selector, and a volume control. This minimalist approach allows us to focus on design quality, build quality, and sonic performance.

The design quality is based on 20 years of experience in developing amplifiers, digital sources, cables, and accessories. It took three years to develop this product, from the initial idea to the production of the first series. Behind the apparent simplicity of the TMA lie numerous essential electronic, mechanical, and wiring components.

To guarantee high-quality manufacturing, French and European subcontractors are chosen for the care they put into their work. The mechanical parts, the electronic board, the assembly, and the packaging are produced/carried out in France. The transformer is made in Spain.

The TMA’s sound performance is supported by its generous 2x80W output power, capable of driving most loudspeakers on the market. It offers exceptional performance with high-end speakers that are above its price range. The TMA gives the impression of a very low level of distortion concerning the real dynamics. Sound reproduction appears pure and free of the veil that often distinguishes real sound from recorded sound. The TMA is highly transparent due to its compact design and very wide bandwidth (1 Hz to 400 KHz). It has a very high level of definition across the entire spectrum, capable of bringing out the smallest details in a sound recording, the spatial positioning of sound sources, and reverb noise.

RRP: €4590