Introducing McIntosh MC2.1KW Power Amplifier

Introducing McIntosh MC2.1KW Power Amplifier - McIntosh MC2.1KW is a monophonic power amplifier On the 75th anniversary of the founding of McIntosh, one of the most respected names in the history of high-end audio, they introduced the McIntosh MC2.1KW Power Amplifier

McIntosh MC2.1KW monophonic power amplifier

On the 75th anniversary of the founding of McIntosh, one of the most respected names in the history of high-end audio, they introduced the McIntosh MC2.1KW Power Amplifier. This is how the MC2.1KW monophonic power amplifier is defined, proudly presented at the last CES in Las Vegas as the most powerful amplifier ever created by the New York company and, above all, the ultimate expression of the concept of unlimited strength and refinement when sound reproduction service with capital letters in the home. Replacing the fabulous MC2KW, also of monophonic type, which was released in 2005, the new McIntosh is a genuine fruit of passion and the search for perfection that takes advantage of a unique experience of three-quarters of a century in component design Exception Audio. The objective? is to offer unique features in a product that has no comparison in the world market. The MC2.1KW exhibits a unique configuration in that it comprises three separate chassis to deliver continuous power of 2,000 watts virtually distortion-free over 8, 4, or 2-ohm loads. It consists of an output module and two power modules, each housing amplification electronics of 1,000 continuous watts.

Why three modules instead of one? The creators of these spectacular electronics give two compelling reasons, the first of which is practical since each module weighs about 54 kilos. The second is more technical since using a single block requires an industrial-type electrical outlet with the relevant special wiring. How does this system work? Firstly, the audio signal from the source enters the Output Module from the preamplifier. Next, an in-phase signal is sent to one of the power modules and amplified; simultaneously, an out-of-phase (phase inverted) signal is injected into the second power module and amplified. At this point, the two amplified signals leave the Power Modules. They are reintroduced to the Output Module, where they excite opposite ends of a hand-made bifilar-wound McIntosh Autoformer. This allows the aforementioned waveforms to be combined into one, adding the corresponding powers, while any possible noise is reduced to its minimum expression or even altogether canceled. Thanks to this engineering strategy, baptized with the name Quad Balanced and which can also be found in other creations of the American firm, the signal leaving the Output Module exhibits an extraordinarily low distortion that translates into a sound of unparalleled transparency.

The MC2.1KW incorporates a veritable army of technical innovations compared to its predecessor, worth highlighting the use, in the Power Modules just behind the dedicated power block, of significantly larger filter capacitors to improve the response. In bass and dynamic range. Other noteworthy additions include the widespread use of modern components and shortened signal paths and the robust IP60-certified cabling and bayonet connectors that link the different blocks together. When it comes to critical thermal dissipation, each Power Module includes four of McIntosh’s exclusive Monogrammed Heatsinks, where the use of materials with excellent heat conduction properties facilitates the rapid evacuation of excess calories generated. by the latest generation high current transistors attached to them. Regarding connectivity, two sets of balanced and unbalanced line inputs are available, as well as separate gold-plated Solid Cinch terminals for 8, 4, and 2 ohms intended to facilitate the connection (in bi- or tri-wiring) of the associated speaker box. Likewise, and in line with what is usual in McIntosh amplifiers, the MC2.1KW is equipped with the American firm’s exclusive and widely proven Power Guard and Sentry Monitor protection systems. This sensational power amplifier is completed with a top-level mechanical construction and a unique aesthetic that is finished off, although only for the first 75 pairs sold in each of the countries in which McIntosh is present, by elegant badges that pay tribute to the 75th anniversary of the brand.

Technical characteristics

  • Absolute reference “solid-state” monophonic power stage.
  • Made up of 3 blocks: 1 Output Module and 2 Power Modules.
  • Created to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of McIntosh.
  • McIntosh’s exclusive Quad Balanced architecture.
  • Executed with components of the highest quality.
  • Output power immune to impedance variations of the speaker.
  • McIntosh exclusive Power Guard and Sentry Monitor protection systems.
  • High precision and high response speed analog indicator.
  • 4 Monogrammed Heatsink heatsinks in each Power Module.
  • 2 sets of balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) line inputs.
  • Solid Cinch output terminals for tri-wiring connection.
  • Output power is 2,000 W RMS at 8, 4, or 2 ohms.
  • Approximate weight: 54 kg for each module.