Introducing Klipsch R-51PM and R-41PM Loudspeakers

Introducing Klipsch R-51PM and R-41PM Loudspeakers - Klipsch's both models offer a simple configuration with a timeless exterior but can capture all eyes thanks to their high-quality finishes, such as wooden boxes and copper alloy cones.

Klipsch R-51PM and R-41PM: self-powered for timeless beauty

A sound that captivates. Both models of self-powered stereo speakers from the North American firm offer this. In addition, they fit perfectly into any environment thanks to their industrial-style design, where classic cones and characteristic tweeters that resemble a cornet stand out.

Magnetrón, a company specializing in sound equipment and solutions, offers speakers that will make you enjoy music and movies in a big way: Klipsch R-51PM and R-41PM. Now, in addition, they are discounted so you can make your wishes come true.
Both models offer a simple configuration with a timeless exterior but can capture all eyes thanks to their high-quality finishes, such as wooden boxes and copper alloy cones. They can work with any device, whether a turntable, a television, a computer, or a smartphone.

With small measurements of 338×177.8×231.6 mm and 248x149x191 mm, these stereo speaker systems are among the most versatile on the market. They can offer a sound that fills the room without taking up much space due to the integrated amplifier specially designed for them.

Specifically, Klipsch R-51PM and R-41PM consist of a fully digital integrated amplifier; 1” (25mm) aluminum LTS tweeters; a 90×90º square Tractrix speaker and 5.25” (133 cm) and 4” (102 cm) woofers, respectively. Added to this is Bass-Reflex through the rear power port and a multitude of inputs, as well as Bluetooth connectivity, in addition to offering a total power of 120 W and 70 W.

Lower frequencies with dynamic equalization

They also have a dynamic bass equalizer base to equalize the ear’s ability to hear lower frequencies, a feature that is usually only available in AV receivers. In the end, it produces more powerful bass, even when the volume is low.

Self-powered for higher performance

For the sound to feel truly enveloping and fill the room, the firm has integrated a self-amplifier into it, thus optimizing the performance of the system and, at the same time, eliminating the need for external amplification.

Better clarity and more details

Using exclusive Tractrix technology, these speakers ensure that the speaker’s high-frequency energy is directed toward the listener, reducing artificial reverberation or filtering caused by indirect sound bouncing off walls. This patented technology brings music and movies the best clarity, dynamics, and details.

Less distortion

Its linear motion suspension aluminum tweeters minimize distortion for enhanced, detailed performance. Being made of Kapton, an extremely light and, simultaneously, rigid material, high efficiency and improved resolution and detail are achieved.

Meanwhile, the injection-molded graphite woofer cones are exceptionally lightweight yet rigid, resulting in remarkable low-frequency response with minimal distortion.

Finally, both options also stand out for having an integrated phono preamplifier, Bluetooth technology, digital digital input, RCA analog inputs, a USB port, and removable, flexible, and strong magnetic grilles.

RRP Klipsch R-51PM: 599 euros (VAT included)

RRP Klipsch R-41PM: 499 euros (VAT included)