Introducing Fyne Audio F702SP and Fyne Audio F703SP

Introducing Fyne Audio F702SP and Fyne Audio F703SP - Meet the F700SP series of Fyne Audio with F702SP and F703SP loudspeakers

Meet the F700SP series

The F700SP series is the latest speaker to be given the Special Production treatment by Dr. Paul Mills and his team. Boasting significant performance improvements over their predecessor, the F700 series, these new models incorporate cutting-edge enhancements from the iconic F1 series and acclaimed Vintage series in a contemporary enclosure.

These speakers are the product of British craftsmanship and feature hand-assembled chassis adorned with exquisite finishes, such as piano-gloss lacquered walnut veneer, that exemplify luxury in both look and feel.

At the heart of the F700SP series are IsoFlare controllers. Directly inspired by the iconic F1 series, they are designed with a robust neodymium HF magnet system and titanium dome in the F703SP and a magnesium dome and ferrite magnet system in the F702SP for pristine, distortion-free sound. Offering a consistently flat frequency response. Across the entire spectrum, culminating in stellar high-frequency clarity.

A sturdy F1-grade aluminum platform supports these acoustic marvels featuring M12 threaded support cones that can be precisely adjusted to ensure the speakers are perfectly level. This attention to detail facilitates an audio performance that is meticulously detailed and dynamically robust. Integrating such enhancements reflects Fyne Audio’s dedication to combining beautifully designed cabinets with the cutting edge of audio technology, ensuring the F700SP series stands as a proud emblem of audio perfection.


The F702SP is a testament to Fyne Audio’s continued innovation, encapsulating the latest acoustic engineering in a stylish floor-standing speaker. Hand-built in the UK, it features an F1-8 200mm IsoFlare driver, with a refined HF waveguide for smoother frequency response, housed in the award-winning F702 dual cavity tuned enclosure with BassTrax LF horn. . The speaker filter has been reconditioned and optimized through computational modeling and extensive listening testing. It features high-quality Claritycap capacitors and Neotech PC-OCC wiring for crystal-clear signal transfer.

Gold-plated WBT Nextgen 0703 terminals and a proprietary cryogenic treatment process ensure the integrity of every nuance. The F702SP rests on a heavy aluminum platform with M12 threaded support cones for unmatched stability, delivering articulate, powerful sound perfect for medium to large-sized rooms.


The F703SP, an evolution of Fyne Audio’s F703, encapsulates the cutting-edge technology of the F1 series in a floor-standing speaker designed for audiophiles. Built-in Scotland, it incorporates a 250mm IsoFlare point source driver similar to the F1-10, with a large neodymium HF magnet system and a 3” titanium dome, delivering an audio experience with significantly reduced distortion and more consistent frequency response. The crossover has been meticulously redesigned, optimized through computer modeling and listening sessions, and is equipped with high-quality Claritycap capacitors and Neotech PC-OCC wiring for unparalleled transparency.

The speaker terminals now feature high-quality gold-plated WBT Nextgen 0703 connectors, and cryogenic treatment of the crossover at Fyne Audio’s facilities further improves signal clarity. Additionally, the F703SP is mounted on a heavy F1-grade machined aluminum platform with M12 threaded support cones for superior stability and precise low-frequency details. This ensures the speaker stands firm and delivers sound that captivates with its power and dynamic range.