Introducing Focal Aria Evo X Range by Focal

Introducing Focal Aria Evo X Range by Focal- Focal launches the Aria Evo X range of speakers, a new link in its iconic Aria line

Aria Evo X Philosophy

Focal presents Aria Evo. With renewed technologies and a new finish, the Aria Evo X speakers represent a new link in sound and design. The French brand has developed this new range following the Aria philosophy: to offer a pure listening experience with the best speakers in its category.

Models of the Aria Evo X range


The Aria Evo has three floor-standing speakers (No. 2, No. 3, No. 4) and an additional model for an impressive soundstage in a home theater setup (Aria Evo X Center).

Like the Aria 900 range (which Focal introduced in 2013), the Aria Evo The line promises sensational listening pleasure with the brand’s signature immersive experience.

Features of the Aria Evo X range


Benefiting from Focal’s sound expertise, Aria Evo X speakers feature exceptional technological innovations exclusive to the brand.

The “M”-shaped TAM inverted dome tweeter reproduces treble more faithfully by reaching further into the high and low ends of the spectrum. To provide the surround effect in the mids, Aria Evo X speakers are equipped with TMD® (Tuned Mass Damper) technology to stabilize the surround sound, reduce distortion, and offer perfectly balanced dynamics.

The “M” shape of the dome is another Focal innovation, capable of reproducing high frequencies up to 30 kHz. The magnet has been renewed in the woofers to offer more bass impact. Focal engineers have also reworked the crossovers with better components to improve speaker balance.

Finishes of the Aria Evo X range


At Focal, innovation is not limited to technology. The Aria Evo In addition, this range has the Black High Gloss and Prime Walnut finishes, providing timeless elegance. All finishes are combined with leather effect front panels.


The Aria Evo This cone made from French flax fiber produces a natural sound, free of coloration, while boasting rich midrange reproduction and precise bass hits. Manufactured in Focal’s workshops, it offers an immersive and dynamic listening experience because it reproduces voices with exquisite clarity and definition. This technology is recognized every year for its remarkable qualities in terms of sound reproduction and is included in many Focal speakers.