Introducing Bryston BP-19 preamplifier

Introducing Bryston BP-19 preamplifier - The BP-19 reproduces music effortlessly, constructed using only the finest hand-selected premium components including an oversized toroidal power transformer.

Bryston, a leading manufacturer of high-performance loudspeakers and audio electronics for home theater and music systems available from top retailers worldwide, has announced new products, including the BP-19 preamplifier.

New BP-19 preamp

Bryston’s BP-19 preamp is an ultra-high-performance design based on the multi-award-winning BR-20 preamp.

The BP-19 has been designed for the devoted music enthusiast, delivering lifelike performances, enhanced detail, and a greater sense of dimensionality and dynamics to all recordings. The signal path features a fully balanced design from input to output, using a tight component matrix and compact circuit architecture. This design achieves the lowest possible noise and superior common mode rejection. The BP-19 is meticulously handcrafted in Canada and comes with Bryston’s legendary 20-year warranty.