Introducing Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones

Introducing NEW Bose QuietComfort Ultra Wireless Noise Cancelling Over-the-Ear Headphones, with Spatial Audio, with Mic and up to 24 Hours of Battery Life

Bose QuietComfort Ultra: now in Sandstone shade

The best headphones the firm has manufactured are now presented with a new “suit.” A combination of colors in earth and gold tones is perfect for those people who, like you, want to wear distinctive technological products that adapt to any style.

BOSE, a leading company in developing and manufacturing audio products and technologies, launches a new version of its Bose QuietComfort Ultra headphones.

The North American multinational presents its most technologically advanced headphones in a new shade: Sandstone. It is an elegant combination of two shades: the earthy earth color with a grayish touch and cold gold.
But beyond their design and tones, these headphones integrate cutting-edge technologies such as Immersive Audio, which creates an incredibly realistic sound field. Thus, thanks to it, what you hear is placed right in front of you, so it seems you are not listening to it with headphones. In short, an innovative experience with a sound so real that you will almost try to reach out and touch it.

The most powerful cancellation on the market

In addition, the Bose QuietComfort Ultra headphones integrate the most advanced active cancellation technology of the moment, with which you will enjoy clarity, sharpness, and power without having to adjust the volume depending on the environment.

Likewise, these headphones offer the possibility of choosing between four cancellation modes. These include immersion mode, which allows you to isolate yourself from the outside and immerse yourself fully in a podcast or song. Active cancellation is combined with Bose Immersive Audio technology to achieve this, enjoying more real sound than ever. And also, the conscious way you can be aware of your surroundings when walking or going to work on foot, such as being aware of cars at a zebra crossing or paying attention when you need to spend in a store. You can access the other two modes through the Bose Music app.

Even by including ActiveSense technology, you can listen to loud sounds from outside and selectively apply noise cancellation briefly during the duration of that noise. This is especially useful because it helps you be aware of your surroundings, but without drowning out what you are listening to, such as when a vehicle passes next to you or when faced with loud noises produced by certain appliances such as a blender, a food processor or a food processor or Coffee grinder.

Personalized sound by and for you

CustomTune technology automatically adjusts sound performance to the shape of your ears. First, analyze the unique shape of your ears. Then, it adapts to any distortion. Third, it is always customized to give you the best sound quality.

At the same time, you will have two equalization options with these headphones. On the one hand, they offer you without having to do anything since they provide automatically adjusted bass, midrange, and treble. On the other hand, thanks to the Bose Music app, you can access the adjustable equalizer, which will allow you to increase the bass, modify the treble, and even balance the mid frequencies, thus achieving the sound you want to hear.

Optimized acoustic volume

In turn, they have the brand’s patented TriPort structure that uses three external ports to ventilate the headphones and thus effectively increase the acoustic volume without enlarging them. The result is higher quality audio and active noise reduction in smaller, lighter, and more comfortable headphones.

Calls and wind, now supported

Air has risen, and you already know how annoying it can be when taking calls, listening to music, and having headphones on. This weather condition is no longer adverse because the Bose QuietComfort Ultra has the Wind Block function, which allows you to cancel this type of noise. Thus, when activated, some external microphones are turned off to improve the reduction of wind interference with the active noise cancellation circuit.

Direct access to your Spotify playlists

With Spotify Tap, you can access your playlists with just a button. It’s as simple as holding down the “Action” button on the left earbud to have Spotify switch between your favorite playlists.

Comfort, another of its strong points

In addition to offering the most reliable and innovative technology, Bose also thinks about the design and comfort of its products for everyday use. For this reason, considering that you can wear them for hours, their pads and headband are very comfortable thanks to their foam padding and soft and pleasant synthetic leather coating.

Likewise, and considering its durability, in the case of the headband, the firm has opted for the resistance and lightness of aluminum in those places that require more excellent protection, thus optimizing strength and support.

Wireless or not, as you want

This model is accompanied by an Aux cable, which is perfect if you are, for example, one of those who take a plane frequently. Thanks to it, you can connect to many airlines’ in-flight entertainment services.

Adjustable multipoint mode

The Bose QuietComfort Ultra headphones have a new feature that allows users to disable the multipoint function, which translates into solving interoperability problems with some devices.

Direct and intuitive controls

Ease of use is another of its advantages. In this way, they have three controls on the right earcup: a power/Bluetooth button at the bottom, another multifunction for audio and telephony playback, a cancellation mode change control at the top, and another volume control. Capacitive along the edge. In addition, the headband detects whether they are put on or taken off to enter activation or sleep modes and even automatic shutdown that you can configure through the firm’s app.

A whole day of autonomy

With Bose QuietComfort Ultra, you have nothing more and nothing less than 24 hours of listening after three hours of recharging. And if you can’t wait that long, after 15 minutes of charging, you will have up to two hours of playback.

Lossless Audio

All these next-generation features are completed with Snapdragon Sound (Qualcomm aptX Adaptive) certification for lossless audio, compatibility with Google Fast Pair, and ability to join Bose smart soundbars thanks to the company’s SimpleSync technology.

Finally, this model is accompanied by a rigid case to store and transport them comfortably, along with its charging cable. In addition to now being in the Sandstone shade, they can also be found in black and white.

MSRP Bose QuietComfort Ultra: 519 euros (VAT included)