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Input lag on televisions: What is it and why is it important?

Input lag on televisions: What is it and why is it important? This article will help you to understand the concept of Input tags on TVs

For whom is the input lag important?

The input lag of a TV is usually described under a heading that deals with the gaming possibilities and performance of the TV in question, whether it is an OLED TV, an LCD TV or a QLED TV. This term is particularly interesting for those who regularly play games, regardless of the platform or type of games.

What is the input lag?

If you often play games, the input lag is important. This is the delay that occurs from the moment the TV or display receives a signal from a game controller (for example, when you press a button) and the moment the result of this input appears on the TV. The input lag (input delay, literally translated) of a TV is indicated in a number of milliseconds (ms). Today, many TVs are equipped with advanced image editing techniques, which means that a lot of processes have to take place before an image can appear, so a high input lag is the result. Manufacturers therefore create special image modes for playing games that (partly) disable these techniques and minimize input lag.

Why is it important?

You can encounter input lags of 5ms but also of 60ms, but what does this mean exactly? It’s quite simple because the higher the input lag, the longer it takes for the signal sent out by the game controller to result in action on the screen. When you play a lot of games that require a high reaction time, for example a shooter or a sports game, you want as little delay as possible between your input on the controller and the result on the screen. With a high input lag it is possible that an opponent in a shooter reacts earlier than you and you die. Also, due to a large delay, you can react just too late to take that sharp turn in that one racing game. In short, the lower the input lag, the better the TV performs for those who play a lot of these types of games and the more realistic and better the gaming experience in the end.

However, it must be added that manufacturers themselves sometimes do not disclose the exact input lag of a television. So if you want to know how the TVs on your wish list perform in this area, it is wise to use different reviews discussing this point.