Innr OPS 140: optional power supply to expand outdoor lighting

Innr introduced its power supply line with the name of Innr OPS 140. It is an optional power supply to expand outdoor lighting
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Existing or new Innr outdoor installations can be expanded to a maximum of ten individual Spot or Pedestal lamps via Innr OPS 140. You can use this unit instead of the power source currently installed in the garden.

Innr OPS 140 Optional 48-watt power source from Innr

For a price of just under 40 euros, each Innr Zigbee starter kit for outdoor lighting can now be expanded in this way. The previous maximum was five lamps, each consuming 4.5 watts; you can now double the number of lamps in the garden.

From now on you can choose with which individual spots or bases the group will be expanded. An app controls all lighting units simultaneously, because the LEDs are controlled via one Zigbee Control Box. But this is precisely the wish, Innr says in a press release: on the basis of various customer surveys, the situation of group operation has turned out to be the most frequent and the most popular with 88%.

The extra power supply is an excellent addition to the 3-pack Smart Outdoor Zigbee lighting from Innr. For example, it is now possible to illuminate an even longer footpath with ten times the OPL 130 C (Pedestal Lights) or to set the entire facade of the house in scene with ten times the OSL 130 C (spot lighting). But it is also possible to mix the different types of outdoor luminaires.

Mark Wiersma, international sales director, says the following about it.

Technically, a lot is possible. But it is precisely because of our market research orientation that Innr’s product range is competitively priced. In other words, those who only perform a modest installation of up to 5 individual luminaires in the garden will not automatically pay the price for a powerful 48-watt power supply. This means that anyone who does not want to individually control every spot in the garden in terms of color and brightness, buys from Innr what is currently the highest quality and at the same time the most economical solution on the market.

Price and availability

The Innr OPS 140 Power Supply, with a power of 48 watts, is now available for a price of 39.99 euros.

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