Inklang Ayers Four & Five: limited in “Copper Noir” – and “Gold Blanche”

Inklang Ayers Four & Five: limited in "Copper Noir" - and "Gold Blanche" launched.

Not far from the Altona fish market, in the stilwerk Hamburg is the showroom of the loudspeaker specialist Inklang – a great location, also ideally situated for curious hi-fi aficionados who are just out and about in the north anyway. Apart from the possibilities for customizing its loudspeakers, Inklang is also known for its direct sales: Last but not least, you can listen to it in your own four walls over the weekend without any problems.

Limited to 100 speaker pairs each: “Copper Noir” and Gold Blanche ”editions by Inklang

The “Copper Noir” versions of the Inklang Ayers Four and Five come in black and anthracite with brushed metal applications in a warm copper tone

For the first time, the hamburgers are bringing one freshly limited edition at the start: The well-known loudspeaker models Ayers Four and Ayers Five retain their timeless industrial design, but are each available in limited editions (100 pairs each) in the noble versions “Copper Noir” and “Gold Blanche”. Copper and gold accents in combination with the elegantly shimmering matt paintwork – a five-layer paintwork in black and anthracite or white – ensure a particularly high-quality visual appearance. Matching front covers are optionally available.

the “Copper Noir” versions in black and anthracite come with brushed metal applications, which are applied in an electrolytic process to the 12 mm aluminum base plates of the Ayers Four and Ayers Five floorstanding loudspeakers. The warm copper tone creates an aesthetic contrast to the black and anthracite of the rest of the case. the “Gold Blanche” edition It relies on bright contrasts between white and light gold tone, which here also includes the height-adjustable knurled feet.

Technology, Availability & prices

The floor-standing speakers Inklang Ayers Four and Five are technically of the same quality and differ more quantitatively: the housing volume and size of the woofers predestined the Ayers Four for room sizes of up to around 35 square meters, while the larger Ayers Five should be allowed 30 square meters or more to run out, so good. The lower limit frequencies of the two loudspeaker models supported by bass reflex systems are close to each other, but the five are even more stable and flood larger rooms even more confidently.

The light gold base plate of the "Gold Blanche"-Versions of the Inklang Ayers Four and Five

The light gold plinth of the limited “Gold Blanche” versions of the Inklang Ayers Four and Five

Both the Inklang Ayers Four and Inklang Ayers Five come with a special nose for successful mid-range reproduction: namely a “bear nose” in the form of a 55 mm soft dome mid-range dome that covers a wide frequency range from the lower mids up to the responsible for lower heights. Last but not least, a broad radiation pattern and therefore a spatial sound image even outside the sweet spot would therefore be among the particular strengths of the two in-sound floor-standing speakers.

The limited editions of the Ayers Four and Five are expected to come off end of October to the market launch. A pair of Inklang Ayers Four Limited Edition is included 3,698 euros priced, the Inklang Ayers Five Limited Edition step into the home for 4,298 euros in a duet. The optional fabric covers are roughly 100 euros, depending on the model.

The copper base plate of the "Copper Noir"-Versions of the Inklang Ayers Four and Five

Copper and black-anthracite form the contrast in the “Copper Noir” versions of the Inklang Ayers Four and Five