In addition to Akustik Wood & Style 100: compact loudspeakers

In addition to Akustik Wood & Style 100 are compact loudspeakers made of solid oak, one of which weighs 16.5 kilograms.

There is interesting news from the bustling HiFiPilot team: After AperionAudio, Buchardt Audio and IOTAVX, the HiFiPilots have now also taken the Siegen-based manufacturing company, In addition to Acoustics, under the sales wing.

In addition to acoustics Wood & Style 100: Concept and technology

The Beside Akustik Wood & Style 100 is a compact one Two-way speakers, in which two 18 cm bass-midrange drivers and a 25 mm silk dome tweeter are used. The approach to the range up to 2000 Hertz is conceptually unusual free of sound-changing electrical components because – according to the developer Alexander Neben – every component on the crossover brings with it phase and sound changes.

This is why the bass-midrange drivers are mechanically lowered in level upwards using special damping. According to Alexander Neben, the result is an incomparable “direct, honest and pure sound” with a deep and well-structured stage image. The efficiency is also decent – the manufacturer specifies 90 dB / 2.83V / m.

Besides Akustik, they are particularly proud of the specially damped membrane of the bass-midrange speaker

The auxiliary acoustic speakers are manufactured in Siegen. The components for the chassis and crossover also come from German manufacturers.

The loudspeakers are delivered with a fixed tripod made of solid oak, one of which weighs 16.5 kilograms.

Price in addition to Akustik Wood & Style 100: 3,200 euros / pair