IMAX Enhanced certificate comes to Arcam AV receivers

Arcam AV receiver
MAX and DTS announced the new IMAX Enhanced certificate for audio and video products. Now IMAX Enhanced certificate Arcam AV receivers to well.
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Last September, IMAX and DTS announced the new IMAX Enhanced certificate for audio and video products. Products with this certificate must, according to both parties, offer the best av-experience in the living room. Among others Sony, Sound United (Marantz and Denon), Sony Pictures and Paramount Pictures were mentioned as partners during the launch. Arcam will be added this week as well.As from now on, IMAX Enhanced certificate ArcamĀ  AV receiver.

It is not entirely clear what IMAX Enhanced is exactly for now. In any case, it is a certificate that you as a maker of content or maker of hardware can stick to your product, provided you meet various requirements. One of the requirements for hardware is a special IMAX mode, while 4K HDR films and series must be optimized for audio and video.

After including Sony, Marantz and Denon, Arcam also supplies its products with the certificate. IMAX Enhanced certificate Arcam as The AVR390, AVR550, AVR850 and AV860 will be the first receivers of the brand with the IMAX Enhanced logo. According to the manufacturer, these models meet the stringent performance standards set up by IMAX and DTS and can therefore represent IMAX remastered 4K HDR content and IMAX soundmixes from DTS. A special IMAX mode has been developed for this, which optimizes the decoding of DTS: X to get the most out of the audio track. Last October, the first IMAX Enhanced Ultra HD Blu-ray discs with HDR10+ were also announced.