IMAX and DTS come with ‘IMAX Enhanced’ for home cinema products

IMAX Enhanced' for home cinema: IMAX and DTS announce this week the IMAX Enhanced program for TVs, receivers, audio systems and even content.
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The average TV or receiver in the store is already equipped with numerous labels, certificates and logos, but there is always room for an extra logo. IMAX and DTS announce this week the IMAX Enhanced for home cinema program for TVs, receivers, audio systems and even content.

IMAX Enhanced for home cinema

Of course we all know IMAX from the cinema; an ultra-large screen with an impressive video and audio experience. IMAX now wants to bring that complete experience to the living room or the home theater. The company does this together with DTS. Both parties have developed a list of requirements and standards that equipment and content must meet in order to be able to carry the so-called IMAX Enhanced certificate.

The exact requirements of equipment are not known, but there are already several manufacturers who call themselves a launch partner. Sony, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures and Sound United (including Denon and Marantz) have already announced that they will support IMAX Enhanced. This is reflected in a special IMAX mode that can be found on the products. This mode is optimized to display digitally remastered content as intended by the filmmaker.

In the field of content, DTS collaborates with a number of Hollywood soundmixers to create a special version of the DTS: X codec that integrates being in audio equipment. This variant must provide an IMAX audio experience. Content is further optimized in terms of image; by working together with the filmmaker, reducing noise, optimizing the aspect ratio and making the content better suited for display on premium 4K HDR televisions. IMAX Enhanced content can be played on equipment that is not certified, but according to the company does not look optimal.

However, it is still a bit vague what this means, especially in the field of image. It is clear that certificates are only distributed to products that implement the latest standards optimally. Think full HDR support with high brightness and the full 4K resolution. However, no specific HDR standard is mentioned, so it is not clear whether IMAX will now come with its own HDR standard. In the field of audio, there is therefore the special version of DTS: X that should provide a better audio experience.

Whether it is pure marketing or really an added value, we will have to wait. More information about the new certificate can be found on this website.