Ikea presents bluetooth speaker that you do not have to put together

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Ikea has announced that the home store has two Bluetooth speakers in the United States and the United Kingdom. This is the first attempt the store makes when it comes to bluetooth speakers, which are called Eneby.

Ikea Eneby: first bluetooth speakers of the home store

Ikea is not only active on the market for smarthomeproducten and has announced two Bluetooth speakers to be released in the United States and the United Kingdom. These bluetooth speakers are called Eneby and come in two sizes on the market: an eight-by-eight-inch model and a twelve-by-twelve-inch model. Customers can choose from black or gray polyester fabric on the top or black or white plastic. The smaller speaker is more intended as a companion on the road, while the big one can stand in the house.

That the small model is suitable for on the road, is also evident from the fact that you can screw a handle on it and that you have a buy battery. That battery gives the speaker up to ten hours of energy on the go. Both speakers are equipped with a function that automatically turns them off so that energy can be saved when not in use. They are both also equipped with an audio connection, so that your devices can also be connected with an audio cable. Handy for some stupid products in the house.

Furthermore, it’s cool that you can connect up to eight other bluetooth speakers. Ikea did not post any specifications of the speakers on the website, but it seems that they have a separate woofer and tweeter. In addition, it is still possible to place the speakers on one foot or hang them on the wall; these accessories are sold separately. The little Eneby costs $ 49, while the large version costs $ 89. The extra battery costs $ 20 and the stand costs $ 10. Whether the speakers come to the Netherlands is currently unknown.