IKEA launches battery for its own solar panels

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IKEA launches battery: Furniture farmer IKEA has been selling solar panels since last year and a battery is now being added to store the electricity.

Furniture farmer IKEA is increasingly becoming involved in the (smarthome) electronics market.  The company ‘s smart LED lighting has recently become  available and IKEA has been selling solar panels since last year. Sometimes those panels produce so much energy that there is a surplus of electricity. That energy is fed back to the electricity network. But as far as IKEA is concerned, that will soon no longer be necessary. The company has launched a large battery today.

Battery for solar panels IKEA

Swedish cabinetmaker IKEA today unveiled a large battery, reminiscent of Tesla ‘s Powerwall and other lesser-known competitors. It is not a battery made by IKEA itself, but a partnership with LG Chem. The idea behind the technology is clear – as the company itself writes: “Store the energy you produce and use it whenever you want.”

In this way, customers can save even more money than is already possible by just having the panels installed on the roof. According to the company, 10 panels generate an average of 2,700 kWh per year and by storing that power in your own home, the money savings can add up considerably. The batteries can store between 3.3 and 6.5 kWh of energy. The prices for a battery / accumulator start at converted 3,350 euros and for the time being sales have only started in the United Kingdom.

IKEA Netherlands are however in the short term no plans to introduce this battery for solar panels, let the company know versus Smart Home Magazine. Naturally, developments in Great Britain are being monitored.

Solar panels from Solarcentury

The panels from the Swedish furniture manufacturer are made by the Solarcentury company. Founded in 1998, IKEA says it is “not only one of the oldest companies in the industry, but also one of the most trusted and respected.”