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IKEA comes with successor Trådfri hub Dirigera with support for Matter

IKEA comes with successor Trådfri hub, called it Dirigera, that is with support for Matter to match the shortcomings of previous hub.

In all these years, IKEA has never replaced the Trådfri hub. This dates back to the early days of smart lighting from IKEA. The hub is sometimes unreliable and doesn’t even support outdoor operation by default. Fortunately, you can use that if you manage to connect the smart products of the Swedish furniture giant via another platform such as Google Home. So it’s high time for a new smart home hub and this time with support for the new smart home standard Matter. Meet Dirigera.

Dirigera and new IKEA Home Smart app

IKEA’s new hub is called Dirigera and should be released in October, IKEA announces in a press release. At the launch, IKEA also comes with a completely redesigned IKEA Home Smart app. According to IKEA, the old Trådfri hub (IKEA actually calls the old device a gateway and not a hub) from 2014 was really designed for smart bulbs. It was the early days of smarthome and the company actually saw it more as a hobby than as a serious business. This, of course, all changed over the years and the Swedish store brought more and more smart products to the market. The result was that the old Tradfri gateway could no longer meet the current times and new products were connected with more and more tricks. That also did not benefit the reliability.

The Dirigera aims to bring smart home from IKEA to the here and now with support for all smart products now and in the future, also thanks to support for the new smart home standard Matter. With Matter you will soon be able to connect ‘everything with everything’. Also standard outdoor control is coming to the new Dirigera hub.