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‘Ikea ​​and Sonos are working on two new smart speakers’

Ikea and Sonos seem to be working on new speakers within the Symphony line. This is evident from a shared Instagram story (spotted by Pocket ribbon). It may be two new models, including a new one table lamp.

New lamps from Ikea and Sonos

This is evident from data spotted at the FCC, Federal Communications Commission, the American communications watchdog. The new table lamp will probably get the same price as the current model. That model offers audio quality that is comparable to a Sonos Play: 1 model.

Furthermore, it is expected that the bookshelf model, the cheapest in the Symfonisk series, will not receive an update. Instead, the brands are likely to present a whole new kind of speaker for the series. It may become a work of art for on the wall with a speaker in it.

It is not yet clear how this works exactly and whether the entire work of art is a speaker or just part of it. However, this idea is not very strange. The Symfonisk products combine practical qualities with design and often match the furniture, regardless of style.

Ikea and Sonos have not yet announced anything about the upcoming products. It is also not clear for now when this is intended to happen. Perhaps one of the two companies will soon announce more about the new table lamp and the special artificial speaker.

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