iFi Presents the New Kensei Go Bar

iFi Presents the New Kensei Go Bar - iFi’s GO Bar Kensei claims to be the world’s first DAC with innovative K2HD tech for lossless audio

iFi Audio, a leader in high-fidelity audio components, is proud to collaborate with the renowned JVCKENWOOD engineers behind K2 technology to develop the first ultra-portable DAC with integrated K2HD, the GO Bar Kensei. Combining iFi’s expertise in audio circuitry with JVCKENWOOD’s world-leading high-quality sound technology brings listeners closer to the original recordings by restoring what was lost during digitization.

K2HD Technology

The latest version of K2 technology is K2HD. Developed by JVCKENWOOD sound engineers, K2HD technology restores music to the same quality as the original, infusing it with rich, natural harmonics lost during digitization. When mastering to match CD specifications, all data above 22 kHz is cut off, and the resolution is reduced by 256 times. K2HD processing technology was created by JVCKENWOOD engineers who compared countless complete original masters, and K2HD restored the sound by ear, based solely on feel. and his extensive experience, bringing more life and emotion to digital recordings.

K2HD’s advanced processing recovers lost data and optionally upscales audio files to 192 kHz/24-bit and applies your manually selected K2 parameters to shape the waveform, which processes the time domain, not the time domain. the frequency. The unrivaled originality of K2HD lies in its advanced high-frequency extension, which allows the restoration of natural harmonics and harmonics beyond 22 kHz, delivering audio quality close to the original master.

This advanced processing and the GO Bar Kensei’s dedication to perfection ensure that every note resonates with depth and clarity.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with JVCKENWOOD and the incredible K2HD technology, marking an important milestone in our journey towards delivering unparalleled audio experiences,” said Colin Farch, Head of R&D at iFi. «At iFi, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation in sound technology and pushing our products and their components to set new audio standards. This collaboration unites our innovative engineering with K2HD’s renowned high performance. Excellence in sound quality technology. Together, we are committed to redefining the listening experience for audio fans worldwide, leveraging our shared passion for quality and precision in sound reproduction. “The GO Bar Kensei marks the beginning of this partnership, and we are excited to share significant new developments.”

“The K2 parameter values provided by iFi this time are brand new K2 parameter values that have never been used before and were selected by JVCKENWOOD and passed a listening test by studio engineers at Victor Studios. While the previous K2 parameter values were set considering the sound quality correction of the product itself, the K2 parameter values provided this time for iFi are purely the settings for the best K2 effect. In this sense, it can be said that the K2 parameter values allow you to hear the original ideal “K2 sound”. commented JVCKENWOOD.