iFi iCAN Phantom Premium Headphone Amplifier

The iCAN Phantom is the Rolls-Royce of headphone amplifiers. It exudes exemplary build quality, sophisticated technology

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NEW reference-class analog headphone amplifier with built-in electrostatic energizer, featuring an advanced user interface and network-connected control system.

a new reference

iFi’s new reference-class analog headphone amplifier, the iCAN Phantom, takes the Pro iCAN, refines and improves every element of its circuitry to further elevate its performance, incorporates technology from the Pro iESL, previously a separate component, for headphones electrostatics, and adds a new advanced user interface and network-connected control system.

The result? A headphone amp truly worthy of its flagship status.

It boasts exemplary build quality, sophisticated technology, an unmatched specification and remarkable versatility, expertly crafted to push every type of headphone to its fullest sonic potential. From ultra-sensitive IEMs to the finest planar magnetic and dynamic headphones to the most power-hungry electrostatic designs, the iCAN Phantom delivers a truly exceptional headphone experience, exquisitely tailored to the listener’s requirements.

The iCAN Phantom also functions as a high-end preamplifier, to drive a power amp and speakers (even self-powered ones), allowing you to combine headphone and speaker listening in a single high-performance audio system.

The Rolls-Royce of flagships

The iCAN Phantom’s design gives the appearance of being two units but is actually a single two-tier device, the full depth of which is fully utilized by its multi-layer circuit design. Its case is solidly constructed of aluminum, with the bottom layer sporting front and rear cable connections, and the top layer offering touch controls and a colorful OLED screen.

The top of the iCAN Phantom features a recessed smoked glass panel that allows you to view the amplifier circuitry and its glowing audio tubes. Circular aluminum vents ensure that the interior circuit does not overheat.

When not in use, the sockets at the front or rear can be concealed with a neat aluminum panel that attaches magnetically. This panel also contains the data cards for setting the electrostatic bias voltage. The iCAN Phantom also comes with an attractive, easy-to-use, high-quality aluminum remote control.

Every connection covered

The iCAN Phantom provides a wide range of single-ended and balanced connection options. The headphone outputs are at the front, with the source inputs and preamp outputs at the rear. Here’s a summary:

  • Source Inputs: 1x balanced XLR (L/R), 3x RCA (L/R)
  • Headphone outputs: 1x 3-pin balanced XLR (L/R), 1x 4-pin balanced XLR, 1x 4.4mm balanced, 1x 6.3mm (positive phase), 1x 6.3mm (inverted phase) and 1x 3.5mm (includes S-Balanced Technology to reduce distortion by 50 percent)
  • Electrostatic Headphone Outputs: 1 5-pin regular bias, 1 5-pin custom bias
  • Preamp Outputs: 1x XLR balanced (L/R), 1x RCA (L/R)