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Huawei intends to sell Mate and P brands

Huawei intends to sell Mate and P brands as the ban effected the company very badly so Huawei no other option except to sell some of bards
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Huawei intends to sell Mate and P brands- Huawei has not been doing well for months. Due to the ban of the American government (under Donald Trump), the Chinese manufacturer was no longer allowed to do business with American partners. As a result, the phones could not be provided with an Android license. The effect of this was that the company had to start selling its phones without a valid version of Android. Without a license, the phones also don’t have apps and services like Google Play Services, the Google Play Store, Gmail and YouTube .

Huawei intends to sell Mate and P brands

To ensure that certain business units are not lost, Huawei is looking for solutions. It already sold before the Honor branch and now it looks like the Mate and P brands are going to be sold as well. In any case, sources report that Reuters.

At the moment, Huawei is reportedly in talks behind the scenes with, among others, a consortium consisting of investors and distributors from Shanghai. That consortium has government support. Talks have been going on for months, at least since December, the sources said. It is not clear what the smartphone brands are worth and whether a decision about the sale has already been made.

Furthermore, the same sources report that Huawei still has the hope of being able to make its Kirin processors, which should eventually end up in smartphones. But as long as the US government ban is in effect, the chances of such a thing happening is slim. A representative of the Chinese manufacturer says that the rumors are nonsense and that the company has no plans for the said sale.

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