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How to connect your soundbar to computer

connect your soundbar to computer: There are many different ways to connect your soundbar with your computer. This article explains all.
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Connect your soundbar to computer: When we buy a sound bar , we do not know the potential that it can have. So this time I am going to explain how to connect it to your computer so you can watch your movies.

Well, not only watching movies, but you can listen to all your music in a better way than if it were a simple micro system.

For the record, this guide can be used for both a desktop computer and a laptop . Although it is difficult to find a laptop with any of these connections. Well with that said, let’s get to it.

Your computer may also have Bluetooth and for this I recommend my guide on how to connect your sound bar via Bluetooth .

What we need for connect your soundbar to computer

Depending on how we are going to connect it, we may need a fiber optic cable, an HDMI cable and / or a 3.5 or auxiliary jack cable.

By analog output like RCA or Jack 3.5

We start with the simplest of all, since all computers usually have one next to them. It is a normal headphone output of a lifetime and can be green or marked with the symbol of the headphones. Go sure you know what it is.

Well, that output can be connected directly to an audio input that the sound bar has in the same way. Usually this input is called AUX , AUDIO IN or something like that.

It may be the case that instead of having a headphone input, you have an RCA one. Bone a white and red of all life. In that case you will have to have a cable that has a Jack or headphone on one end and RCA on the other. Go one like the following.

Once you have it connected and you have the volume activated on the computer , you go to the control of the sound bar and give the button that says Source or Input and you go looking until it shows you that that output has been activated in the screen or where indicated.


Nowadays almost all computers of a medium range in conditions usually have an HDMI output. With that we connect the computer to our television to watch the movies.

But our soundbar may also have HDMI . Usually it is accompanied by an entrance and an exit . Why? Well, to make an audio bridge.

So if, for example, we want to connect the computer, the sound goes from the HDMI output of the computer to the HDMI input of the bar and the output that this also brings would go to the HDMI input of the television.

Now play the same as before. Activate the HDMI input from the button that I mentioned before, because otherwise, it will not be heard.

By fiber optic

We continue with the same system that we have seen before assuming that your computer has fiber optic output , which is difficult. I do not know that your computer is desktop.

Well the same. Fiber cable connected to the computer to the fiber optic audio output and to the bar to the input or inputs it has. We activate that input from the control of the bar and that’s it. We already have sound.

Well done, we can now enjoy the sound of movies, music or whatever we play on our pc, on our sound bar.