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How to connect a soundbar via Bluetooth – Thing you should know

This article is I am going to help you learn to connect a soundbar via Bluetooth , so that you can listen to the music from your devices.

Today I am going to help you learn to connect a sound bar via Bluetooth , so that you can listen to the music from your devices.

With this you can connect any device with Bluetooth such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, etc.

If your computer does not have it, I advise you to get a Bluetooth adapter that is very cheap.

Connect a soundbar via Bluetooth offers

  • Listen to music from your devices.
  • Listen to the sound of the movies you put on them.
  • Hear someone you are making a call or video call with.
  • Connect the computer to a projector and send the sound wirelessly to the bar.
  • Anything that is sound and you want to be heard out there.

What you need fo connect a soundbar via Bluetooth

  • sound bar .
  • A smartphone, tablet or computer that has Bluetooth.

Connecting the bar by Bluetooth

We are going to do it with an Android phone to put the screenshots, but the system is the same with tablets and very similar to the application that you have on your computer.

Normally, some soundbars are usually selected in Bluetooth mode when they find a connection, but we are going to do it by hand and that is better and you understand it perfectly.

Activate Bluetooth on the bar

From the control of the bar or from the buttons that it usually has in it, we look for a button that usually says INPUT , SOURCE , MODE , SOUND or something like that.

Once we find it, we give it until it indicates on the screen that the Bluetooth input is selected . If the screen is large it usually indicates it, but if it is small, look for it to put BT .

In the event that your bar does not have a screen, some LEDs should light up and each one will specify the corresponding function.

Once ready, we can go to the device that will play the audio.

Connecting the device

From an Android phone, we go to the settings and the section that says Bluetooth . Once inside, we are going to activate it from the button above, or at least that is where it comes out for me.

And once activated, we will search for devices and we will get the list of those that are available and we will have to look for the name of the bar . If for example we have a Samsung HW-H450, it will tell us.

Now we select it and it will surely ask us for a pin code. This is usually always the same and can be 0000 , 1111 , 1234 . If for some reason you are not correct, look at the instructions on the bar.

Once you give it and connect, the bar will surely light a blue led indicating that everything is connected. Now everything you play on the phone will be heard through the bar.

I’ll tell you again that this connection system will be the same on tablets and very similar from the computer.

Another thing that is very good is that now you can manage the volume of the soundbar from the device. It is enough to raise or lower it, so that it goes up or down.

Well done, you can put all the music you want and enjoy it wirelessly, always bearing in mind that Bluetooth is limited to about 10 meters . So if you go too far, you will surely have some cuts.

In the event that you want sound throughout the house without cables and without cuts, we recommend that you see the article in which we talk about how to listen to music over Wifi .

You can also connect your soundbar to your computer via Bluetooth or cable.

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