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How do you control the window decoration with smartphone or tablet?

Smarthome Magazine has listed a number of ways to operate your window decoration with your smartphone or tablet.
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Smarthome Magazine has listed a number of ways to operate your window decoration with your smartphone or tablet.

Window decoration with smartphone ways

How nice would it be if from now on you no longer have to worry about your curtains or your blinds, that the window decoration opens and closes automatically. In 2016, that no longer has to be a problem. This website lists a number of ways that you will soon no longer have to get up to open your blinds. Not only can you operate the window decoration with a smartphone or tablet, you can also opt for automation.

Way 1: Luxaflex PowerView Motorisation

One of the handy systems that has recently become available on the market to easily control your sun protection is Luxaflex PowerView Motorization . The new system ensures that the Luxaflex can be operated remotely. You can choose whether you want to use the app, which works on both iOS and Anroid, or whether you choose a Pebble remote control.

With the wireless window decoration system you can decide for yourself when you want the window decoration to be opened and when it should be closed. You can also set a scene per room. You can also configure at what times the window decoration should come into action. It is also possible to have the window decoration open as soon as the sun rises and to close it as soon as the sun sets again. In that case, PowerView determines, based on your location, when the system should take action.

To date, Luxaflex has not yet announced a price for its PowerView Motorization. The company advises enthusiasts to visit a showroom in the area.

Way 2: Somfy

Somfy is one of the options if you want to provide your home with motorized curtains. To be able to use the remote-controlled curtains, it is the intention that you purchase an electric curtain rail. You can then choose to also purchase a remote control or operate the system via a smartphone or tablet. The latter works with the TaHoma By Somfy application, which can be downloaded for both iOS and Android. You can also order sensors, so that the curtains close automatically when a certain temperature is reached.

Way 3: FlipFlic

We will have to wait a while before we can actually order the FlipFlics , but the device is certainly useful. The device is easy to install. You just need to click it into your existing blind, you don’t need any tools. FlipFlic then uses its sensors to determine whether the blinds should be opened or closed. The smart device itself can respond to changes in light and changes in temperature.

The FlipFlic, which can be connected to other Smart Home platforms such as ZigBee and Bluetooth LE without any problems, also works on home-made schemes. At the moment, the smart device, which will work on both horizontal and vertical blinds, can only be pre-ordered. The first Flipflics seem to be shipped in early 2017.

Way 4: HomeWizard

Another solution to control your window decoration remotely is HomeWizard. You can order an electric curtain rail via the official website of HomeWizard. From that moment on you can choose to use the supplied remote control or the HomeWizard Online application. You can then open or close the awning from anywhere. You can also use timers. The electric curtain rails are available from 269 euros. You can also opt for a ready-made roller blind package, which start from 249 euros and are available in different colors.

window decoration with smartphone Way 5: My Smart Blinds

My Smart Blinds makes it possible for everyone to make their blinds operable via tablet or telephone. For example, you can order an Automation Kit from the company for $ 99. Then you only have to place and connect the supplied parts at the top of the blinds. From that moment on, you can use the automated operation via your iOS or Android device. For example, you can create schedules with the MySmartBlinds application. The Automation Kit from My Smart Blinds is one of the easiest solutions at the moment to make your window decoration easy to operate.