Hornmanufaktur Kalypso: Floorstanding loudspeakers

Hornmanufaktur Kalypso: Floorstanding loudspeakers has been launched and The price of the horn manufacturer Kalypso is included 8,000 euros per pair

Hornmanufaktur Kalypso: Floorstanding loudspeakers – How time flies: The Austrian-based manufacturer Hornmanufaktur is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, the Austrians are introducing the Kalypso, a loudspeaker which, with a twinkle in their eye, they also call the “Brexit commemorative loudspeaker”. According to Hornmanufaktur mastermind Gerald Hüpfel, the satirical nickname can be traced back to the fact that the central Broadband driver the calypso comes from Great Britain.

Hornmanufaktur Kalypso – full range loudspeaker plus omni radiators in the high range

Horn manufacturer Kalypso: technology and concept

In addition to the 5-inch broadband, which “hangs” unfiltered directly behind the loudspeaker terminals, the horn manufacturer Kalypso has hidden a ring radiator in the upper part of the housing that is not visible from the front. This is only coupled by a high-quality capacitor and plays on a hanging above it Diffuser cone. Thus, the high-frequency signal is emitted 360 ° into the room. In this way, a closed sound image and a deep spatiality should result almost independently of the listening position.

Horn manufacturer Kalypso: 360-degree tweeter

Hornmanufaktur Kalypso: The ring radiator plays on a cone that distributes the signal around the room

The housing consists of a layer of plywood and damping bitumen sheets, it was developed as a “horn reflex”, so to speak as a hybrid Horn and bass reflex. The mouth of the horn is on the back, which means that “the listening room itself becomes a horn,” says Hüpfel. In this way, an attractive bass performance can be achieved from the delicate broadband.

The price of the horn manufacturer Kalypso is included 8,000 euros per pair. If you are interested, please contact the horn manufacturer directly.