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Homey makes starting Flows with Siri Shortcuts possible

Athom, the company behind the Homey smarthomehub, today announced its support for Siri Shortcuts. The iOS version of the Homey app makes it possible to start Flows via a Shortcut within iOS.

Simply put, this means that you can start scenarios that you have created within the Homey environment when something happens on your iPhone or iPad. For example, you can have the curtains open automatically when the alarm on your iPhone goes off, or have the door open when you tap an NFC tag with your iPhone at the front door. The possibilities are endless because you can start all Flows within Homey.

It is also possible to use your vote for this. For example, thanks to support for Siri Shortcuts, you can read “Hey Siri, Netflix!”. start the Netflix app on your television and dim the lights. To use Siri Shortcuts you need the most recent version of the Homey app for iOS; version 6.5.0.

Curious about how you can use Homey to make your home smarter? We have taken up the challenge and are currently building a home that will run on the intelligence of this smart home hub. You can read all about this project on the FWD Smart Living Project page.

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