HiFi Rose RA180 Amplifier

HiFi Rose RA180 amplifier is a Reference stereophonic integrated amplifier with Exceptional price/quality ratio.

New HiFi Rose RA180

When in a sector it seems that everything has been invented, it seems difficult for someone to be able to perfect a product that represents little less than an innovation with capital letters. However, this is what the young South Korean firm has achieved HiFiRosecreator of some of the best network music players currently available on the world market, with the RA180an stereo integrated amplifier what Mark the difference at all levels. Defined by its creators as “Absolute Pure Sound Integrated Amplifier”, the RA180 is a product that marks a before and after among the achievements of its class, as a result of the audacity of its conception and the radical nature (combining modern elements with other vintage ones) of its design, both aimed at satisfying the demands from absolute sound enthusiasts who only settle for the best.

The new HiFi Rose hits right from the start with the extreme quality of a construction physics in which they have taken care of all the details in terms of the layout of the controls, robustness and capacity to absorb all kinds of vibrations, highlighting in this sense the three feet with anti-resonance treatment that support the set.

Particularly brilliant is also the volume controlwhose aesthetics can be assimilated perfectly to a clockwork mechanism is completed with a series of control elements These include a slider for balance control, treble and bass trim pots, active crossover, MM/MC phono EQ, input source selector, output selector and two analog level indicators –vu meters-. But the essence of the RA180 lies in an absolutely unique conception both in terms of circuit architecture as of the materials employed in some of its key components.

Thus, the new HiFi Rose is made up of a total of four mono amp modules in order to allow both active bi-amplification (with 200 watts for mids and highs and another 200 watts for lows) and BTL (“Bridge Tied Load”), the latter being a type of configuration in bridged monophonic mode that allows multiply power output and thus deliver 400 watts per channel.

In order to guarantee these results with a distortion rate virtually none, a frequency response practically flat -+/-1 dB- from 20 to 90,000 Hz and an efficiency of 100% in terms of energy consumption, the RA180 works in the so-called AD class (“Advanced D”), which guarantees exceptional linearity thanks to the use of FET transistors based on Gallium Nitride (GaN) instead of Silicon. For this, the new HiFi Rose incorporates a generous power supply Switched mode that uses 4th generation Silicon Carbide (SiC) based FET technology to combine high power output and low thermal dissipation, in addition to a Correction Circuit of the Power Factor (PFC) that prevents the aforementioned power supply from being affected by sudden variations in the load (loudspeakers) likely to degrade the tonal precision of the sound.

Technical characteristics

  • Reference stereophonic integrated amplifier.
  • Exceptional price/quality ratio.
  • Operation in Class AD (Advanced D) exclusive to HiFi Rose.
  • Formed by four monophonic power amplification modules.
  • Two to two mono bridgeable amplifier modules (BTL mode).
  • Use of GaN based FET transistors in the amplification section.
  • High power power supply with SiC FET transistors.
  • MM/MC phono section with built-in equalizer.
  • Built-in active crossover filter.
  • Entirely metal construction (high purity aluminium) and anti-resonance.
  • 4×200 W RMS output power into 4/8 ohms in bi-amp mode.
  • 2×400 W RMS output power in bridged double mono mode (BTL).
  • Frequency response from 10-90,000 Hz, +/-1 dB (at 1 W).
  • Signal to noise ratio of 107 dB (BTL and balanced modes).
  • Phono input sensitivity: 5 mV in MM and 0.5 mV in MC.
  • Signal/noise ratio of 80 dB in Phono MM and 60 dB in Phono MC.
  • Dimensions: 430x130x391 mm (WxHxD; feet included).
  • Weight: 16.7 kg.