Heco BellaDonna two-way loudspeaker with stand

Heco BellaDonna two-way loudspeaker with stand is a new compact loudspeaker is coming onto the market for the price of 4,999 euros

With the Heco BellaDonna, a new compact loudspeaker is coming onto the market, which is supposed to attract attention acoustically and to attract attention visually. The scope of delivery includes a stand that is precisely tailored to this loudspeaker with height-adjustable full metal spikes and floor-protecting full metal underlays.

Heco BellaDonna loudspeakers: drivers, crossover and housing

The Heco BellaDonna loudspeakers are classic two-way concepts with, according to the manufacturer, newly developed drivers. A 20 cm chassis trimmed to the lowest possible distortion is responsible for the low-mid range and features the “Kraft paper” membrane material that has been tried and tested at Heco. A paper with particularly long fibers made from Nordic softwood and woven wool threads, which is guided by a rubber surround. The 32 mm voice coil is made of aluminum wire that has been tempered with copper. Heco specifies a very decent lower limit frequency of 34 Hertz (+ 3 / -6dB) for a compact loudspeaker.

The Silk Compound dome tweeter takes over relatively early at around 2600 and is probably therefore a bit larger with a diameter of 30 millimeters.

Heco BellaDonna: once with and once without front covering

The crossover also works with a steep slope (18 dB / octave); according to the press release, only components with low tolerances and film capacitors are used in the signal path. Bi-wiring is possible, and a 2dB higher treble level can be called up on the rear terminal.

Heco BellaDonna bi-wiring terminal

The bi-wiring terminal of the Heco BellaDonna offers the option of increasing the treble

When designing the housing with its walls up to 25 millimeters thick, right angles were largely avoided in order to optimize resonance. Targeted struts stabilize the side walls and also the woofer – the structural effort is not least reflected in the weight: One of the 28 centimeters wide and 45 centimeters high speakers weighs almost 18 kilos.

The speakers are available now.

Price Heco BellaDonna including stand: 4,999 euros