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Only with an HDR TV you can see the perfect World Cup

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No, the perfect World Cup is not for us Dutch, but if you follow all those races then you also want to see them in the best possible quality. It now appears that this is quite difficult with a ‘normal’ HDTV, because only with an HDR TV you can see the colors of the shirts as they actually are.

Dot Color has researched the colors that be worn by the different teams at the World Cup, and compare these colors with what we see on the screen in the living room. For that they have standard HDTVs with the standard BT.709 color range compared to new HDR TVs that have a wider BT.2020 color range in addition to higher resolution and higher brightness.

When you watch the matches of the World Cup 2018 on a standard HDTV, you will not see the most flags and shirts in the accurate color. The hue is slightly different or the color may appear faded. This is because many colors used in the flags and shirts are just outside the color range of a HDTV.

Dot Color has put the colors of the flags of the top 10 countries participating in the World Cup in a diagram, with the standard BT.709 color range and the wide BT.2020 range. We chose the flags because we know exactly what the color information is. It is striking that only the flags of Argentina and France within the BT.709 color range can be accurately displayed. This means that owners of an HDR TV can finally see all the flags in the right colors.

The small triangle shows the BT.709 color range, the large triangle shows the BT.2020 color range.