HBO announces Watchmen series, based on graphic novels

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HBO has announced that there will be an official series about Watchmen, a graphic novel about which a film has already appeared. Months ago, the first rumor about this appeared in the news and now the bullet is officially released by the church.

HBO announces Watchmen series

HBO’s adaptation of the graphic novel Watchmen will officially see the light of day. Last year, the pay-TV ordered a pilot episode and this weekend finally came out that the series is going to get a full first season, which will be released sometime in 2019. We can expect Regina King (Southland), Jeremy Irons (Justice League), Tim Blake Nelson (Wormwood) and more actors in the series. HBO has confirmed this news on Twitter, in the following tweet.

HBO has not yet announced what the series will be about but has already given the description that the story takes place in a world where ‘superheroes’ are treated as villains. The work of Alan Moore, responsible for the graphic novel, is also honored, while new paths are also being taken. Probably we are dealing with a remix of the famous comic strip, with elements of stories that were later released to deepen the world of the Watchmen.