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Google will update 6 major Android apps very soon

Google is going to update 6 major Android apps very soon which include Gboard, Voice Access, Android Auto, Nearby Share and other.
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Update 6 major Android apps

Google is going to update 6 major Android apps very soon. According to details, the first Android app covered is the keyboard Gboard. That app will get an updated emoji kitchen in which you can combine different emoji yourself. This way you can add various visual elements to existing images to create a new emoji. With this update, the number of options will increase from hundreds to more than fourteen thousand. It is also true that when you place two emoji in a row, the keyboard automatically suggests a combined variant. When you select two of the same images, the app can present a more intense variant. The update is now available to beta testers and should be rolled out to anyone with Android 6.0 or higher in the coming weeks.

The Voice Access app is getting wider availability. With the application it is possible to operate Android with your voice. Handy for people with disabilities, for example, or for people who already have a lot of business in their smarthome with voice control. The app now ensures that labels appear on screen for different apps, so that you can navigate through them better. If you are not yet familiar with Voice Access: here you can download the beta.

Google Maps will not be skipped and will have a Go tab in the coming weeks. On that tab you will find places where you come regularly. You can add multiple locations and request directions and traffic information at the touch of a button. In addition, it is true that Android Auto, app number four that we discuss here, is being rolled out in the Netherlands. That will happen in the coming months. This makes it easy to ask Google for help when you are in the car.

The Nearby Share option will soon be able to share apps with other users. Of course they must be nearby. This also works without an internet connection, as Nearby Share relies on a connection between two Android smartphones. This feature will arrive in the next few weeks.

The latest addition is one that will probably benefit people who have trouble reading. Google is launching a tool for publishers of digital books, with which texts can be converted directly to an audio format. This way, readers (or listeners) do not have to wait for the book to be fully recorded in Google Play. The tool is now in beta and will be rolled out to all publishers early next year.

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