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Google Wifi has to improve the internet at home considerably

Google Wifi introduced by Google aiming to improve the internet at home considerably priced at $ 129 in the United States.
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Google announced the Google Wifi at a press conference in the US tonight. This device can be paired with several peers in order to drastically improve your WiFi home network. As per Google, Google Wifi is a scalable and flexible connected Wi-Fi system that replaces your existing router to provide a consistently strong signal

Google Wifi

The Google Wifi has the form of a disc and the functionality of a router. The device works wirelessly and should improve both the wireless signal in the house and the control of the internet signal. The WiFi connection is automatically optimized, among other things by automatically selecting the least busy channels.

The device even comes with a smartphone app that gives you control over the signal, for example when choosing channels. As a user, you have the choice to limit access for certain devices and you can even pause the internet in its entirety – handy for parents of children who only stare at a screen. You also get an overview of the status of the connection, the access points and the connected devices.

Price and availability

The Google Wifi is priced at $ 129 in the United States. If you want multiple devices, you can get a pack of three for $ 299. It is not yet clear whether and when this product will come to the Netherlands. US pre-orders will start in November, with first models shipping in December.

Update: The product may no longer be for sale.

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