Google TV will eventually avaiable to other Android TV devices too

News: The Google TV presented new Chromecast with Google TV that will eventually come to other Android TV devices as well.
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The Google TV announced that its skin for the new Chromecast is not anymore an exclusive part and will eventually come to other Android TV devices as well.

Google TV not exclusive to Chromecast

Wednesday evening Google presented the new Chromecast with Google TV on board. That’s an Android skin that works on top of Android TV. The basis of the operating system is the same as on other Android TV devices, but the way of navigation works slightly differently. You can compare this with the Android skins on different smartphones. The devices from Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus and Google all run on Android, but have a slightly different interface. The same idea is now also coming to smart TVs.

Google has confirmed that new edition, which can now only be used on the new Chromecast, is also coming to other Android TV devices. In principle, all devices with pure Android TV can get the update. Think of televisions from Sony, Philips and TCL, as well as media players such as those from Nvidia. The update may appear sometime in 2021, but it is not clear when exactly. Philips is reportedly organizing the new plans for Android TV early in 2021 and we might hear whether those TVs will also get a software dispute.

There is also separate mention of Google Stadia, the company’s game streaming service. Google Stadia should be released in the first half for the new chromecast, so we expect that service will come to other Android TV devices as well. It is also true that the Google app with which you rent and buy films and series is also renamed Google TV. The apps also get a fresh, new design.

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