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Google starts Project Treble for faster Android updates

Google starts Project Treble with which mobile operating system can now be provided with updates much faster. But it will take time to launch.
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Google starts Project Treble: Google has announced Project Treble. This is an adaptation in Android, so that this mobile operating system can now be provided with updates much faster. This also applies to telephones and tablets that have their own user interface provided by the manufacturer.

Android versions

With this, Google wants to tackle Android’s biggest problem: the fact that there are so many versions in circulation, and that manufacturers do not want to update after a while. This creates safety problems. By allowing manufacturers to roll out updates more easily, Google hopes that the lion’s share of Android devices will run on one and the same version in the future, and that security updates will be faster and easier to distribute.

Less costs due to Google starts Project Treble

It also saves the manufacturers a lot of costs, because with every new Android update, the entire user interface has to be adjusted again. That will soon be easier. Project Treble also allows app developers to write their apps in such a way that they are suitable for multiple platforms, including multiple versions of Android. That way, they don’t have to start all over again with adjusting their app with every new Android version.

Google starts Project Treble

What is also important is that Google has adapted Android via Project Treble in such a way that a lot of extra work on the software has become superfluous due to requirements of the chip manufacturers (such as Qualcomm). They just need to update the Android OS framework and they are done. Via Project Treble, developers are, as it were, bypassing the requirements of the hardware suppliers. Google calls this modular structure; the software is cut into layers and the app developers and manufacturers each have only one layer to deal with before an update.

From Android O

However, it does not appear that Project Treble applies to existing and older devices. It probably won’t be rolled out until the next version of Android O. And all the later versions that are coming, of course.

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