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Google Stadia and Geforce Now are coming to LG TVs

The exciting news is waiting for LG customers and viewers as it is revealed that Google Stadia and Geforce now are coming to LG TVs
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It is not yet entirely clear when Google Stadia and Nvidia Geforce Now can be downloaded for the different TVs from LG. Stadia is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2021; Geforce Now comes next. Both game streaming services come to the company’s 2021 TVs. It is then about the new line-up oled, qned and nancell televisions.

The news shows that both companies behind the game streaming services take matters seriously and are not afraid to take the next step. For example, Google has been promising for a while that Google Stadia will be available for download as a separate app for televisions, but it was expected that this would apply to Android TV TVs. LG televisions run on WebOS. That is why we also expect (but it will continue to be coffee grounds) that the service will come to televisions and media players with Android TV on board in the first half of the year.

Nvidia’s game streaming service, Geforce Now, is already available for other platforms. You can use the service on the Nvidia Shield media player (also with Android TV), Windows, MacOS, Android, Chrome OS and also (in beta) on iOS and iPadOS (via the Safari browser). But the service cannot yet be downloaded separately as an app for a TV; LG’s TVs seem to have the scoop in both cases for now.

It also remains to be seen whether LG intends to release the apps for older models, for example those from 2020. For now, the company only promises that the TVs can count on Google Stadia and Geforce Now in 2021. Whether this has to do with hardware requirements does not seem to us. Except that a TV, for example, must support 4K for a higher resolution; but the processor of TVs of the last few months can hardly be the fault.

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