Google Stadia allows users to stream gameplay directly to YouTube

Google Stadia and YouTube are compatible as now with the push of a button, on the Stadia controller, a live stream can start on YouTube.
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Google Stadia and YouTube are finally working together

And that collaboration, between Google Stadia and YouTube, will finally be rolled out to all users from today. It took a while, especially when you consider that the idea has been around since the announcement of the game streaming service. The idea behind that integration is as follows. On YouTube, you could click an ad and jump straight into a game, YouTubers could invite their viewers to join right away, and Stadia players could start a live stream at the touch of a button.

None of this happened when Google Stadia launched. However, the most important function will be rolled out from now on: with the push of a button, on the Stadia controller, a live stream can start on YouTube. It is not clear how long it will take before everyone can use it. Before you can start, however, you still need to link your YouTube account to the service. In addition, you also have to check some settings before you can actually go live, but nevertheless it all seems to work as simply as promised.

9to5Google writes that you still need to give your stream a title and thus tweak some settings (such as indicating whether it can be viewed by children). It is not yet clear whether you can also stream in 4k immediately, as the initial promise was. This comes at a very good time, right before the release of Cyberpunk 2077. This is a coveted video game that you can also play on your consoles or PC. However, next-gen consoles are scarce and building a gaming PC can be expensive, making this a reasonable option for many people.