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Google presents Google Nest Mini as the successor to Google Home Mini

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Google presented the Google Nest Mini at the Made by Google event. The Nest Mini is the successor to the Google Home Mini.

The Nest Mini is the successor to the Google Home Mini and is therefore also marketed under the name Nest. The new speaker comes with some improvements compared to the Google Home Mini. For example, the sound should sound better on the new speaker and the small smart speaker also comes directly with a wall mount. This allows you to hang the Nest Mini directly on a wall.

In appearance, the successor is similar to the previous version. Google has again opted for a small round disc. Again, the smart speaker has a fabric top with four different indicator lights. There is also a physical button to switch off the microphones. The underside is again provided with rubber, so that the device can stand firmly on the cabinet. There is an opening on the bottom that can serve as a wall mount to hang the smart speaker.

Google Nest Mini – Improved sound

A disadvantage of the Google Home Mini was the sound. Unlike Amazon’s small smart speaker, the Echo Dot 3, bass was always virtually absent on Google’s small speaker. The new Nest Mini has a louder speaker that should be able to reproduce the bass much better. The Nest Mini also uses the microphone to adjust the sound level of the Google Assistant and media to the ambient noise. If the dishwasher is just running while Google transmits the weather forecast, the volume will be increased.

In addition, Bluetooth 5.0 is present and the small device has three far-field microphones. You should get answers to your questions much faster with this new version. A special machine learning chip has been added that works locally and will contribute to faster answers. As with the Google Nest Hub, the USB-C cable is missing, but we get the same version as on the Google Nest Hub

In essence, the Nest Wifi does not differ, since you also have to do this with the first version of Google Wifi. In terms of design, there is a difference immediately. Google may have been inspired by marshmallows for this new design: the look is much rounder and softer on the eye. The aim of this is that you do not immediately cram the units in the house behind or in cupboards, but can simply place them in the house where you need WiFi. The devices do not look very ugly, so that is not so disastrous for the rest of your interior.

Price and availability

The new Nest Mini will arrive on October 22 in 23 different countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium. You can choose from the colors Chalk, Charcoal, Coral and Sky Blue. The Nest Mini will be for sale for 59 euros.