Google presents Google Home Hub: smart speaker with display

Google presents Google Home Hub: Google announced a new addition to the Google Home series that is Google Home Hub.

Google presents Google Home Hub: Google has just announced the Google Home Hub. This is a new addition to the Google Home series. Just like the normal smart speakers in the series, the Home Hub also has Google Assistant on board. This time, however, with a 7-inch display.

Google presents Google Home Hub

All the functions you know of the Home speakers are also available on the Home Hub. This time only you get a direct picture. Ask the Home Hub about your day and you will immediately see the weather forecast on the screen, while you will then see the route to work, including possible traffic jams. You not only hear the answers from the Google Assistant, but can also see them immediately. Google has adapted services such as Search, YouTube, Maps, Calendar and Google Photos for the Google Home Hub, so that you can see what’s going on with one glance at the screen.

Google presents Google Home Hub:

The display has Ambient EQ to automatically set the correct brightness of the screen. During the day the right brightness to be able to read everything properly, while the screen shows softer colors in the evening. The display is automatically adapted to the light in the house via a sensor. Unlike comparable smart speakers with a display, such as the Amazon Echo Show, the Google Home Hub does not have a camera on board. Video calling is therefore not possible. Perhaps it will convince people who have doubts about such a purchase for privacy, but not being able to make video calls is a function that other devices offer.

Control smarthome with Home View

Of course you can also operate the smart home with the Home Hub. The device has a function called Home View, a kind of dashboard with which you can control all your smart home equipment in the house. Via the renewed Home app you will soon also be able to use Home View and operate the smart home while on the road.

Google presents Google Home Hub:

Integration with Google Photos

Thanks to integration with Google Photos, you can use the Home Hub as a digital photo frame when you’re not using the device. Via Live Albums you can easily set photos of friends and family, so that you immediately see the latest photos of them on the screen. Are they on vacation? Even before they return home, you have already seen all the photos on the display of the Home Hub.

The Home Hub will available online and hit stores in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom on October 22 for a price of $ 149. Four colors are available at launch: Green, Dark Gray, Pink and White. It is not yet known when the smart speaker with display will come to the Netherlands.

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