Google Nest Wifi with built-in Assistant speaker unveiled

Google has presented a new version of Google Wifi in the form of the Google Nest Wifi, with a built-in Assistant speaker. The devices have also been given a more attractive design, so that you do not have to cram them behind or in a cupboard.

This is Google Nest Wifi: mesh network for the home

You can buy Google Wifi since 2016. This is a mesh network for the home, with which you can spread WiFi better. Check out our in-depth review here for the best impression of the system. Now here comes a successor to: Google Nest Wifi. The search engine giant announced this during the autumn event, where the Nest Mini was also presented . You connect the Google Nest Wifi Router to your existing modem and is then responsible for the distribution of the WiFi signal.

In essence, the Nest Wifi does not differ, since you also have to do this with the first version of Google Wifi. In terms of design, there is a difference immediately. Google may have been inspired by marshmallows for this new design: the look is much rounder and softer on the eye. The aim of this is that you do not immediately cram the units in the house behind or in cupboards, but can simply place them in the house where you need WiFi. The devices do not look very ugly, so that is not so disastrous for the rest of your interior.

In addition to the Google Nest Wifi Router, there will also be a Nest Wifi Point. This is an extender, basically the device that helps distribute the signal. Unfortunately, the Nest Wifi Point does not have an ethernet port, like the WiFi points of the first Google Wifi do. On the other hand, the Point models do have a Google Assistant speaker built-in, so that you don’t have to place smart speakers everywhere and get access to a different type of functionality. It is just what you are looking for, of course: the Assistant or such a gate.

The Google Nest Wifi Point is slightly smaller than the Nest Wifi Router and has a speaker at the bottom. Both devices are available in the colors blue, pink and white, all in a soft tone. The new models of Google Wifi must be twice as fast and have 25 percent more range compared to the old models. You also get access to specific WiFi voice commands. For example, you can ask to switch off the WiFi temporarily or impose restrictions on websites. For the rest, the Point is a normal Assistant speaker.

You can also use the Google Nest Wifi products with the Google Home application. So you will find the new products next to the other Assistant devices in the house and you do not necessarily need a separate app, as you still have to use the Google Wifi app. Google has also made another change: the power cable is not a USB-C port this time, but its own plug, just like on the Google Nest Hub . You can also use the new models in an existing Google Wifi network.

Price and availability

For the American market, in any case, the Google Nest Wifi will be available from November 4 in a two pack for 269 dollars and a three pack for 349 euros. You then get a Nest Wifi Router and one Point or a Router and two Points respectively.

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