Google Nest products can be quickly linked to the SmartThings platform

Google Nest and Samsung
Google Nest and Samsung: Google Nest products can be quickly linked to the SmartThings platform as this integration will go live in January 2021.
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Google Nest and Samsung SmartThings

All Google Nest devices can also be included in one from the beginning of next year Samsung SmartThings-network. The integration will go live in January 2021, so from that month you will be able to have different Nest products respond to other Works with SmartThings devices in your home.

The new support makes it possible for Samsung SmartThings users to automate various things with Google Nest products at home. For example, you will soon be able to include thermostats, doorbells and cameras in your existing SmartThings network and operate them from the freely available application. This also means that some SmartThings devices are able to communicate with those Nest products. For example, Samsung televisions with Tizen on board can call up the camera image of the Nest Cams and you can probably also think of something in the context of the smart fridge.

Of course it is also possible to automate things. For example, cameras can be switched on automatically when sensors are triggered, while the lights also switch on when it is dark in the house. It remains to be seen whether the integration will also immediately come to the Dutch market. The press release says nothing about this, but it is also not emphasized that this only applies to the American market. Fortunately, it won’t be long before janauri arrives, so we’ll find out soon enough.

Samsung SmartThings is an open one Internet of Things platform intended for smart homes. The platform brings together different devices that can react to each other if necessary. To date, more than 120 brands have registered with the platform and 63 million users are served.