Google Maps gets introduced Environmentally friendly route

Google introduced Environmentally friendly route and better indoor air quality indicators. These are just some of the improvements Google has in store.

Google introduced¬†Environmentally friendly route and better indoor air quality indicators.¬†Google wants to bring no less than a hundred improvements to Google Maps that are based on artificial intelligence this year. Google has released some of the new possibilities. For example, they work on indoor navigation with Live View. On the basis of augmented reality you will see arrows and other tips where exactly to go. The technology is called ‘global localization’ and uses artificial intelligence to compare the Live View with the Street View database. This will especially help in train stations or airports. This way you can quickly find a toilet or the check-in desk. The indoor navigation is live in several cities across the United States starting today, but will also be brought to airports, train stations and major shopping centers in Europe within a few months.

Air quality

The map service will also get a new weather function. You will soon see the air quality based on your location. This should help allergy sufferers when a lot of pollen is detected, but also shows if there is smog or the air is very clean.

Environmentally friendly route

Do you use Google Maps as a navigation app? You will soon be able to choose a new route that thinks about the environment. In addition to the fastest route, you can also follow an ‘eco-friendly route’. This involves looking at the route with the lowest CO2 emissions. Do you think that is nonsense? You can also always choose the fastest route.

These are just some of the improvements Google has in store for us. Read the whole blog post with all announced new features for Google Maps.