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Google launches Chromecast for streaming video to your TV

Google Chromecast Audio
Google launches Chromecast to the market. with a price of $ 35 the device is only available in the US for now and support for Android devices.
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Google launches Chromecast to the market. According to details, Google announced a new product last Wednesday that should make streaming content from your tablet, laptop or smartphone to your TV a lot easier. The Google Chromecast is an HDMI dongle with a price of $ 35.

Google launches Chromecast

With the Chromecast it is possible to bring online content into the living room and display it on your TV. Content from YouTube, Google Plat Movies & TV, Google Play Music and Netflix can be displayed on TV using the dongle.

The operation of the device is quite simple, but slightly different than we are used to from HDMI dongles with Smart TV functions and also different from, for example, Apple’s AirPlay. For example, you can start an application or service on your smartphone, tablet or laptop and then display the content within the app on your TV using the dongle. However, the content is not streamed from your device to the dongle. The Chromecast gets the material you want to display from Google’s servers, after which it is displayed on TV. The stripped-down Chrome OS operating system on the stick thus plays the video itself in a maximum 1080p resolution.

The Chromecast offers support for Android devices as well as devices with iOS, Chrome, Mac OS or Windows 7 and higher. Currently, the device is only available in the US for a price of $ 35.