Google is rolling out basic Android TV functionality to a handful of users

Google is rolling out basic Android TV functionality to a handful of users. An update will facilitate more users

While Google TV is preferred by the search engine giant, that doesn’t mean Android TV is being skipped altogether. The platform holder recently released a fresh update for the television operating system, which now gives a handful of users access to basic user profiles.

Google releases Android TV update

In recent months, Google has paid a lot of attention to the TV platform in addition to Android TV. But now we see that this system is – for the first time in months – an update gets that adds user profiles. The Discover screen in particular should take advantage of this.

In addition, a profile icon has suddenly appeared next to the gear icon at the top right of the screen. The news came rolling through a Reddit post, but in the editors we see that the Nvidia shield got the update weeks ago. Google itself has not disclosed anything about this.

When you press that profile icon, you will arrive at a new screen. In it you need to set what is the primary account for this Android TV device. This primary account is used for watch list and purchases. You can also add or remove other accounts.

Not the same as on Google TV

The basic profile feature on Android TV is not equivalent to the experience on Google TV. You can not easily switch users or profiles yet. This is more like a new interface for managing your account on linked devices. The company may have another surprise in store.

But because the search engine giant itself has not released anything about this, it is currently a guess as to what exactly the intention is. Maybe that account changer is still coming. That would be useful, because then app makers no longer have to build such options into their apps and things such as information and purchases can be distinguished from each other at the system level.