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Google is on the way out with new Nest Cams, Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor: Google has retired its Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, It was revealed when customers asked. However, big plans are for the new Nest Cam range.
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Google has announced that it has big plans for the new Nest Cam range this year. The new products also come with the retirement of an older item: Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is no longer made.

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

Google has confirmed to website 9to5Google that you can no longer purchase Nest Cam IQ Outdoor at this time. The website had noticed that there are none in online stores anywhere in the world Nest Cam IQ Outdoor more could be found. However, in response to that question, Google also revealed that there are definitely new investments in Nest’s cameras this year.

The company has said a new line of security cameras is ready to be unveiled in 2021. There are now several other Nest cameras for sale. Consider, for example, the Nest Cam Indoor of 129 euros and the Nest Cam Outdoor of 229 euros, which are in price last year reduced. The IQ models, such as the Nest Cam IQ Indoor, are more expensive. These are equipped with better video quality and various artificial intelligence solutions, with which the camera can recognize your face or your cat or dog. As a result, you will not always receive a notification when you are on the screen yourself. Those smarter cameras come with a hefty price tag: Nest Cam IQ Indoor costs 350 euros.

If you own a Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, fear not. Google has promised to keep providing it with updates and new features. So you can no longer buy it new. That’s probably for the best: the device has been out since 2017.

New line-up of Nest cameras

Google has not yet released anything about what the new Nest cameras look like or what they can do. It has not even indicated when it will provide more information on this. It could be any time, as the world is gearing up for CES (consumer electronics show) to be held digitally next week. In addition, Google is not quite like Apple in that sense: Apple is often quite short on the release with its announcement, while Google sometimes leaves a few more months in between. Now that we know the company is coming up with new cameras, it looks like it will be sharing more about them soon.

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