Google is announcing new features for the Google Assistant

Google is announcing new features: During CES 2020, Google presented a number of new features for the Google Assistant, the search engine giant’s voice assistant. For example, users of a smart display will soon be able to count on the addition of yellow note papers.

More features for the Google Assistant

You can leave those notes on, for example, the Google Nest Hub , in which you mention that you have already fed the cat, just to outline a situation. For English users, they can then use a command like this:

Hey Google, leave a note that says I already fed Max breakfast.

The note then appears on the screen, on such a characteristic yellow note paper. The reader can see who left the message and at what time that message was created. The note is on the right of a smart display . By tapping it, you open the environment for all notes. And by swiping the screen you can access all kinds of left messages.

In addition, there will be shortcuts for important contacts. You can decide for yourself who will be included on this list. You can then call those people with a simple command. Or you tap the name, then the rest will happen automatically. Both features will be rolled out later in 2020.

Also announced: scheduled actions. With Routines it is possible to start a series of actions at once when you give that command. There are six pre-set routines, but you can also make them yourself.

The new commands work much the same, but happen much less often and can even be described as spontaneous or sporadic. You can set smart devices to turn on or off or to start or stop something at certain times. An example is that you want your coffee earlier than usual in the morning. And then you can give a command that shows that you want the coffee maker to switch on at a different time than normal. This feature will also be released later this year.

Google also wants to simplify the installation of devices even more. You will receive notifications when a Google Assistant device is nearby, after which you can install it immediately. It is also possible that you only encounter the notification in the app. There are also twenty new categories, including air conditioners, air purifiers, bathtubs, coffee makers and vacuum cleaners.

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