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Google Assistant will soon be able to better recognize contact names

Do you use the Google Assistant to call your contacts? Then it has probably happened to you that the smart assistant cannot recognize your contacts. Now that is not so bad with an easy name like Piet, Jan or Klaas, but if you want to call a contact with a more difficult name, the ‘smart’ assistant sometimes falls through the basket. This must change soon. A new update lets you spell your names in advance and recognize them by your own name, so you can call a contact without any hassle.

You will soon be able to pre-record the name in a new window. The assistant will recognize the name exactly the way you pronounce it. And that doesn’t work? Then you can spell it too. The next time you ask Google Assistant to call your contact, you should therefore not have a problem anymore. The company has launched a video explaining the new feature:

Part of a bigger update

The new function is part of a larger one update which should launch soon. This update should teach the Google Assistant more about context of conversations. This ‘BERT’ technology makes it possible to recognize specific words between other words in a sentence and place them in a context. This is in contrast to the current ‘one-by-one’ order, where everything is simply placed and processed one after the other. This should ensure a much better response, especially in the field of timers and alarms. Incidentally, the update will first come to English. Other languages ​​will follow later, including Dutch. It is still unclear when the update will appear exactly.

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