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Google Assistant Guest Mode: Here’s what you can do with this right now

This article discuss in detail Google Assistant Guest Mode and which situation the guest mode is useful and its Advantages and disadvantages.

The English-language variant of the Google Assistant already has a so-called guest mode. You can activate that mode via your smart speakers and smart displays in the home. The feature can best be described as a limited incognito mode for the popular voice assistant. With the emphasis on ‘limited’, because not everything is completely disconnected. The incognito mode in browsers and apps ensures that new data is not saved or linked to your account. That’s exactly what Guest Mode for the Assistant does. But how does it work?

‘Hey Google, activate guest mode’

If you let the voice assistant speak and understand English, you can say “Hey Google, turn on guest mode”. After that, guest mode is activated. If you want to ensure that the personal assistant then responds and acts as you were used to before, then pronounce the following sentence: “Hey Google, turn off guest mode”.

Such a guest mode is useful in various situations. For example on a birthday or any other time when there are many people in your house. Since new voice commands are not saved, you do not have to delete commands afterwards. Some friends find it funny to shout all kinds of things to the Assistant to see how it responds. They can therefore fully do their own thing within that guest mode. Also, your friends cannot access personal data, such as appointments or other items in your agenda.

Is there a moment when you doubt whether guest mode is on or not? You can simply ask that by “Hey Google, is guest mode on?” to say. If you use the Assistant on a smart display, you can see from the icon at the top right whether the mode is active or not. We expect that when Google rolls out the function in the Netherlands, we will be able to use the commands literally translated. So next to “Hey Google, activate guest mode”, there might be “Hey Google, turn off guest mode” and “Hey Google, is guest mode on?” Bee.

Advantages and disadvantages

The big advantage of guest mode is of course that no unnecessary voice commands are stored and that people cannot access your personal data. The disadvantage is that you cannot do that in the guest mode of the Google Assistant. Fortunately, there are more than enough things you can still do. In this way all links with external services remain active. Everyone can operate the lights in the house or turn on music, provided you have linked accounts for this (for example via Philips Hue and Spotify).

In addition, you can still use the broadcast functionality. With the Broadcast option, it is possible to send a message to other smart speakers and smart displays in the house, provided they naturally offer support for the Google Assistant. It must therefore be speakers that you can include in your Google Cast network and that are set up via Google Home. Handy for when someone has to take something from the kitchen. That saves you walking. Or to ask if someone needs something from the kitchen, of course.


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